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    Winn-Dixie Reviews

    4.2 stars based on 317 reviews

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    • P

      Paul Moss


      Store was very busy probably because it was a Saturday. However, This store was super clean, easy to navigate, and I couldn't believe how fast the checkout was. When leaving the store, I couldn't help but notice how hard the Cart Return Associate was working! He was kicking tail when it came to having no carts in parking lot especially on a windy day like today! Excellent job Winn Dixie!! This is the work ethic / pride we need in our community! Hats off!

    • D

      Debra Stone


      Who doesn't love Winn-Dixie. Love the 2 for 1 sales! Great meat, friendly people. Can usually find what I need even if it isn't typical Florida fare (Bell's seasoning, brown bread).

    • J

      Julia Anschau


      Be careful when you buy any brand of noodles. I needed lasagna noodles. Had a BOGO on Muller's got them home an the box had about 2-3 of those little weevils. Took them back the same day an the customer service counter was closed. They couldn't refund my money had to wait till the next day. So my husband bought a different brand we opened the box as soon as he got in the truck an that brand was loaded with the same kind of bug.. took it straight back in an have it back to the lady. She did tell my husband that the little window in the box was put there specifically to look for these little bugs... Never in my life have I heard that was the reason for the window.. proceeded to go to the store the very next morning to get a this taken care of. The lady at the counter asked if I wanted a refund or another box of noodles. Took the refund, walked over to see if I could find a box without bug's in it. I went through about 4 boxes an that little window really helped, because each box I picked-up had the very same bugs in it. So I thought I finally found 2 boxes that were bug free, or so I thought! As I was waiting for the lady to return to the counter the 2 boxes that I thought was bug free the little buggers were coming out of both ends of the boxes an crawling on the counter if I had to say there were about 5or6 of these bugs on the counter by now. Ok pushed all the boxes towards her an said I'm done an walked out an I was approaching the door to leave I heard her say that she needed to get the guys right on to pull all the boxes of the BOGO off the shelves. Wasn't able to return to the store today to see if they weren't pulled off the shelves. I plan on going in tomorrow 4/7/22 to check.. thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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