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Walmart Supercenter
Foxon, New Haven, CT

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  • +1 203-467-7509
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  • Address:
  • 315 Foxon Blvd, New Haven, CT 06513
  • Hours:
  • Sunday7AM–11PM
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    Walmart Supercenter Reviews

    3.9 stars based on 4433 reviews

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    • L

      Luke Nicholls


      This Walmart will always disappoint - guaranteed! The first challenge is navigating around carts scattered throughout the parking lot. Sometimes found in groups of 30 or more, tipped over across five spaces, these carts are sure to provide hours of annoyance! After parking, weave your way through the trash to get into the store. Be sure to smile at the employees who are making sure the carts and trash are still there as an enjoyable obstacle for the next visitors! Nope, you can’t get into the store through those doors, those are still closed after the burst water pipe. Walk to the other end of the store to enter. You’re in! Empty shelves and a misleading app are sure to make finding the products you need frustrating. Any substitutes were probably in those empty boxes on the shelves. Avoid slipping in the spaghetti sauce from the smashed jar on the floor! You made it this far! Gather up what goods you can in your arms and make your way to the checkout. Can you get there before the fire alarm goes off? Nope! While most employees are still ignoring you, some are yelling at you to evacuate. Leave your products, go to the door at the far end of the store, avoid the trash, and drive around the carts as you make your way to Target.

    • S



      1.) Restocking issues(during certain times throughout the year) 2.) They Need to repair the middle section in the back section by the milk area 3.) Other than that I would highly recommend shopping there..for one the staff is very helpful, courteous, and most importantly informative which is rare in a store that large...would leave 5 STARS but that back section by the beverages just givrs me the creeps

    • A

      Anna Brodzik


      Thank you very much, to the two nice fellows that were by the outside door,, for helping put a number of heavy boxes into my car!! However, the ladies room was mess. There were items shrewn about aisle after aisle. It's a shame that the customer's don't care and make more work for the associates, that work real hard to make ends meet.

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