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Walmart Supercenter
State, Athens, OH

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  • +1 740-594-3398
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  • 929 E State St, Athens, OH 45701
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  • Wednesday6AM–11PM
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    Walmart Supercenter Reviews

    3.8 stars based on 2622 reviews

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    • E

      Emily Knott


      I haven't been to Walmart in quite a while, however nothing has changed. It is a rip off more and more as time goes by. I don't enjoy the prices. Now and again you can score on a clearance deal or a rollback but you either have to time it just right, happen to get lucky, or shop there all the time. I just don't have the time or the patience for all that. Watch your receipt because they have a habit of ringing the product up for more than advertised. Not only false shelf price but also while using the scan tool on the app. If you watch closely and call them on it, they will fix it but if you wait until you get home then chances are you lost out on a few bucks. I bet they are banking on customers a few dollars at a time and that's unacceptable. Just seems a lot easier to shop on amazon, it's usually comparable in price if not cheaper, a wider range of selection, and most times you can enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home. No lines, no people, no hidden fees and that alone takes most of the hassle out of a painful shopping experience. I will have to note that while checking out, my cashier Emma, she was very kind and helpful to all the customers. She should get a bonus for putting in such effort because some of the employees are not as pleasant to be around. I would like to remind everyone it's not the employees fault that walmart is a money hungry corporation so if you do find yourself ripped off don't be rude to the employees ( unless they deserve it) as they are there simply doing there job. The bone to pick is with the big dogs who cowardly hide behind these workers. Need I say anymore?.. Thank you and good luck....

    • C

      Catie Hogue


      I took my daughter to get a laptop for her to start her first year at college with. We found what she wanted right away but it took us approximately 20 minutes to get a key holder to try to find the laptop. Three other electronics employees joined in the search and I could hear them telling each other the wrong number to locate it. I tried to explain and show them that they had the wrong number but I was assured that I was wrong and they do this every day. After another half an hour they finally were able to locate a manager who did acknowledge they had been looking for the wrong laptop that entire time. It was on sale but they tried at first to charge us full price. Eventually we got the correct laptop with the correct amount but it took entirely too long.

    • J

      Jordan Dearth


      Besides the obvious, if you want help at this location to get into a locked cage or literally anything at all where a worker is not constantly required to be anyways, might as well go somewhere else as you'd have better a better chance being struck by a flying ice cream truck since paging and calling every manager multiple times even when they're not busy at all is futile.

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