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    Walgreens Reviews

    2.2 stars based on 121 reviews

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    • J

      Jitman Zeet


      My wife went through surgery today and right away, i gave prescriptions to Walgreens. After nearly 4 hours of not getting status, i called them and they said 10 more minutes. Then i headed to the store but the employee named AARON said it will take 4 hours more. I asked him to get the manager or their number but he said he can’t do it. Instead, he gave the store phone number which they never answer. It’s shameful. Should a person wait more than 8 hours to get medications after going through the surgery? Someone is in pain right now and they are refilling prescriptions from Days before. Great job walgreens! 👏👏

    • C

      C Scott


      This is the worst pharmacy EVER . I have already transferred my daughter's and will be transferring mines today. I have been calling since Monday ( today is Thursday) to see if my medicine was ready. I could never get anyone on the phone except once and it was an outside technician who was completely CLUELESS . She transferred me to the store where I remained on hold for 45 minutes with them picking up the phone several times putting me back on hold then eventually I was hung up on. I have experienced this everyday this week , this morning I go there at 6:45 to be told my medicine still wasn't authorized which is why I had been calling. I go to my doctor's office and they state that they too have been placed on hold and then hung up on. I get the issue finally resolved with my insurance and my insurance calls with me on the phone to try to have them process which they too were left on hold and put back on hold several times until they were eventually transferred to a Customer service survey without ever receiving any type of CUSTOMER SERVICE UNBELIEVABLE ! So now I'm FORCED to go after work today or before work tomorrow most likely because whenever I go after I wait nothing less than 30 minutes EVERYTIME ABSURD whether I do the drive thru or go inside. This store really needs to SHUTDOWN fire and rehire and train ALL EMPLOYEES Walgreens should be EMBARASSED . I WILL NEVER GO BACK AFTER TODAY

    • J

      Jamison Morris


      Was on hold over a half hour because they kept picking up then just putting me back on hold. Finally had to give up. The script is “delayed” and needed to “be reviewed by the pharmacist” yet it’s been like that for five hours. I’m going to be switching my pharmacy to Target soon, as Walgreens has really gone downhill (my guess is Walgreens pays their pharma techs poorly, hence the high turnover and understaffing.)

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