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    Walgreens Reviews

    2.8 stars based on 117 reviews

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    • M

      Melanie Wickersheim


      WOW are they understaffed. Pharmacy lines are always around the corner, medications take FOREVER to get filled, and if you try to call you’ll be on hold for hours, too. It’s ABSURD. Not sure whether it’s mismanagement or just a sign of the times. The staff members I’ve spoken to are mostly lovely and capable… it seems they just need MORE staff. Avoid this place for prescriptions if you can. Hours of my life wasted in line and on hold. UPDATE 2/11/22 OMG the most OUTRAGEOUSLY NEGLIGENT pharmacy I’ve ever dealt with. Hours on hold over the past week trying to sort out a missing script and I was just hung up on… for asking more than one question calmly and politely. My doctor sent in an electronic script and they won’t even try to look for it. They say MD needs to call back and wait on hold to tell them verbally. Why accept electronic submissions if you plan to disregard them completely? I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for these injections! If these guys cared about their patients they’d hired more workers to actually meet BASIC patient needs. Medication is life and death. I’m so done with you, Walgreens, and I hope you get creamed with lawsuits. Disgusting.

    • E

      Elsie Wilson


      I do not recommend getting your pharmacy services here. Every month there is a new and unique hurdle to refilling my scripts. The staff are stretched very thin and seem to not have enough training to use the computer systems. I was told they had no order when the walgreens pharmacy app said I did. Lines are usually 5-7 people long with only one tech working the front. God forbid you have to call this place because you will be on hold for hours. That is not an exaggeration. Find something you can do while you wait on the phone and make sure you have enough battery. If you can go in person and wait in the long line, you will be helped faster than if you call, unless maybe if you have a 60 minute commute. Maybe. When you do get in contact with someone they are not always willing to help you. I think they are so worn down by their environment they assume you are going to be upset and are automatically on defense when all you are trying to do is get your medication. Also, not a 24 hour pharmacy. Sometimes the drive through is open, but they will not serve you if you are not on wheels. I was told a bicycle counts.

    • A

      Alicia Cameron


      My prescription was sent here by mistake so I called this pharmacy twice and spoke to two different women who told me that Walgreens doesn’t transfer prescriptions between stores. I know I’ve done this before several times - I’ve been using Walgreens for 10 years. The first woman I spoke to asked me if it was a controlled substance and I said no. Then she said Walgreens doesn’t do transfers. The second woman told me that you can only request different locations to pull a prescription and that she’s worked for Walgreens for 15 years. So I thought for a minute that maybe they were right. But I’ve done this several times as I’ve been a customer for about 15 years so I looked it up and it turns out you can transfer prescriptions and you can do so several times. I then called another location who told me the same thing. You can even transfer prescriptions using the app. I don’t know who this location is hiring if someone who has been there for so long doesn’t know this. Apparently they lie about their hours as well ?? I decided to leave a review because I really don’t understand what the point of this was. But anyway, go to the location at 50th and France instead. They’re consistently good service wise.

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