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    Walgreens Reviews

    3.4 stars based on 43 reviews

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      Had my prescription sent there 3 times and they claim they can’t find my name in the system, even though my doctor literally showed me that they sent it there 3 times. Even confirmed the address multiple times and had my doctor call and speak to a pharmacist and they still claimed they can’t find it. If I get pregnant I swear to god Walgreens better dish out a few thousand dollars for childcare

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      Aushze Lopes


      I worked at Gamestop for several years and know how these transactions should be handled. My dad made the mistake of buying a Playstation store card from our local walgreens. Walgreens doesn't do returns on expired cards. Sony can't refund these cards, because they're sold through a third party (Walgreens). The business that you buy them from, is the business that has to do the return. They're also supposed to be scanning the cards during inventory counts, to make sure they're still valid. Obviously they failed to do so. This card was supposed to be a gift for my son's birthday. His party got canceled, because he got sick. So he was already bummed out. Then 3 days after my dad purchased the psn card, I tried to redeem it and it was expired. The walgreens store was no help at all and simply told me to contact customer service. I've been on hold with customer service for 31 whole minutes and was transferred 4 times. Just an FYI, if you buy these from Gamestop, they can send you home with another card within a few minutes. They know cards expire and it's not a problem to swap it out. Trust that I'm leaving reviews everywhere I can. Walgreens needs to rethink their return policy on gift cards.

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      john SMITH


      COVID testing takes at least 96hrs. Don’t waste your time if you think they’ll give you a resonable response. Walgreens should do business with a better company if they truly “care” about the safety and we’ll being of their community. Most people want a test that’s been done within 48-72hrs but with this place is taking 4 days which makes that impossible. Took the lab 48hrs to even receive the test (the lab is less than 80 miles from test location). They also have no option for expedited results. Therefore in order for me to get a result in the required time frame even if I’m vaccinated I’d have drive 160 miles round trip. Most people would be in the hospital, not living, or over the virus before they would even have the results from this place.

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