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    Walgreens Reviews

    3.7 stars based on 23 reviews

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      Lynnzie Tardif


      I just went to the Walgreen's location (5285 US HIGHWAY 1 Vero Beach, FL 32963) to get my second covid shot. The first shot I received was also at this location and the pharmacist who administrated it was FANTASTIC. However, when I arrived today (it was a different guy) as I was standing waiting, the pharmacist asked me twice whether or not this was my second shot (mind you, it shows on my vaccine card that he has in his possession and I was the only person there, so why did he ask me twice). Then, as I am standing by the window I hear him say that he doesn't know if this "new" batch is expired or not. He calls another lady to verify and it seems like they are kind of sure but not 100%. The Pharmacy tech then proceeds to write the expiration date on a piece of cardboard scrap, and says "it's probably at the end of the month right?" PROBABLY??? I go to sit down while he I guess gets ready, and after sitting there I feel very uncomfortable and I ended up telling him that I didn't feel well and need to reschedule. And he even asked me "do you feel uncomfortable?". He know's exactly what he did and what was wrong with that whole situation. I was very excited to get my second vaccine, but I have to tell you this experience is why people are so worried about getting it. If this was my first shot I wouldn't have gotten it at all. This seriously needs to be addressed. I have history of allergy to medication and this right here is why things scare me and why I waited so long to get it.

    • L

      Lisa Wolf


      The chubby old white haired jolly looking guy is an absolute Dousch cadet. Stood in line for 20 min waiting for the other geriatric clerk to figure out how to use a phone, when it was my turn I was told I’m now 2 min past the cut off. Come back tomorrow. 30 minutes of my life I won’t get back. Bravo gents. Bravo.

    • S

      S. Mechelle McGriff


      I hate this Walgreens! Its just closer to my house. Its the 3rd time that I've been in this Walgreens specifically & NOT been greeted nor offered any help although I wore a mask, was looking at the isle signs, & walked in a few circles. I came into close contact with 2 staff members (1 white male & 1 white female) whom I made eye contact with yet neither of them said 1 word to me. There were less than 6 customers in the store- I finally walked out. I'm not shopping here again. Im always greeted & offered customer service across the street.

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