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    Walgreens Reviews

    2.2 stars based on 94 reviews

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      Robyn Ecker


      I had a stroke and hospitalized for 8 weeks after being intubated for a week. Unfortunately there have been numerous occasions when the pharmacy has been very rude along with the call center. When I ask about a certain date for a refill I may not be in a position to look at the bottle and or have the date readily available. I don’t need to be told to look on the bottle…I’m not stupid and all my prescriptions do not come in bottles .I feel like l’m a bother pretty much when I call. I was in customer service for most of my career and in fact also was Operations Manager for a major Drug Store Chain and the way I have been treated does not in anybway represent caring customer service. I am sadden that it had to be this type of review, but I had no other alternative.

    • T

      Tina Search


      Twice, I have checked out with a $6.00 Walgreens coupon they issued me and both times the discount was not deducted from my total and two different cashier's threw the receipt in the trash. When I questioned them the first time he told me it was too soon to use but he added it to my account and could be used later. So I trusted what he told me and guess what it was not on my account. Today, I submitted the other coupon for $6.00 and I double checked the date so the prior experience did not happen again but the same thing happened again. The male cashier said it was to be used in the future and would also be on my account. I asked him for the receipt back which I watched him throw in the trash while ringing out which was 5.mins prior if that. The cashier said I don't know, it's gone rudely. Before I got myself in trouble I left the store. Check your receipts to make sure the credit was deducted.

    • S

      Shahana Dagha


      They say the operating hrs on weekends is until 6pm ..I was there at 5:51pm. They put sign not available before 6pm, when all 5-6 staff members were inside giggling n chatting absolutely ignoring and avoiding to look at the window or answer bell call. But yes right by window change register paper roll. But I guess they are blind or I was invisible, even the truck behind was also invisible to them. They NEED TO REALIZE that They are not selling candies or ice cream..ppl need their medicine. I took off early to be there before six. My son's asthma medicine was urgently needed Because they didn't give all my medications which I picked up yesterday. They are inconsiderate and have no such thing as courtesy. This includes senior staff who were there as well. They should know better setting bad example to young staff members. Their behavior was pathetic. They shouldn't be on this line of service, they shouldn't hold public health license, they can endanger human life with such ignorant behavior. They should be working at mall or Mc Donald's.

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