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    Walgreens Reviews

    3.2 stars based on 25 reviews

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    • C

      Cameron Fry


      When watching the hit comedy "Friends" my eyes cannot help but be drawn to a young Jennifer Aniston, gracefully gliding from frame to frame, unknowingly lighting my fire and bringing desires only read about in fantasy books. This is the same feeling that comes across my body when I walk into the Walgreen's located in Walpole, New Hampshire. One day, I walked into the store looking to buy some personal lubricant for my nightly activities with my lover, I was immediately welcomed into the store by a handsome, splendid, sweetly smelling, flannel wearing, young Casanova named Wyatt. He politely asked what I was looking for, I told him and he immediately showed me to the correct section, and even gave me his personal opinion on the different products and brands. I will forever remember this fateful encounter, and hope to see Wyatt again on my next trip to the paradise known as Walgreen's in Walpole.

    • C



      The customer service in this place has plummeted. You used to get a “Welcome to Walgreens” as you walked through the door now you’re lucky if you get so much as a dirty look. No one asks you if you need help with anything. If you do ask, they make it seem like you are the biggest inconvenience. They don’t even make eye contact with you. When you get to the counter they don’t say a single word, just ring your stuff up and hand you the receipt. Valerie the “shift lead” is just completely miserable, not friendly, not helpful and just overall awful. Lynn at the check out is probably the rudest employee you’ll encounter. She’s doesn’t talk, gives dirty looks, acts like you are the biggest pain in her a**, throws things and is 0% helpful. Not one of the girls at the pharmacy is friendly. They act like you know nothing and you are a waste of their time. The ONLY employee there who is worth anything is Thomas. He is welcoming and very helpful. I’m not asking any of these employees to go out of their way to help me or anyone. Just do your job and learn some customer service skills. If you can’t handle a little elderly woman asking you how to redeem her points then you should find somewhere else to work.

    • J

      Jesse Fisk (JesseRage)


      Mid stride to the Walgreens door, I realize something. I'm going to walk in here for a beverage but I have no clue what I wanted. Due to the short duration of walking I still had no idea what to buy as I entered the store, making my way through to the back. There I am, face to face, dumbfounded, staring through glass. Then the tall young man across from me asks, "Are you looking for something in specific, sir?" I had to shoot my shot. "Do you have a suggestion?" "Half and half Arizona" He had spoken. Excellent service. Appreciate you, Wyatt.

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