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Team Pest USA Reviews

3.2 stars based on 16 reviews

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    sharon mccurry


    I had a call from the company. They wanted to come out an treat for pest control. I told them I didn't need them to do that. They came anyway. No respect with this company. I will be looking to go back to Andrew's pest control as soon as I can.

  • S

    Sam Norman


    Upon purchase of my home, I was given paperwork from Team Pest that stated that the home had already been treated for termites that were found in the home inspection. With a VA loan, this is required for the closure of the sale. A week and a half later, I come.home to find them actually doing the outdoor treatment they said they had already done. As it turns out, the paperwork was fudged to help the seller, and the work was only completed after the seller paid them from the proceeds of the sell. Shady business practices at best. On top of that, the garage door jambs were said to have been treated, and never were, which was confirmed even a year later by their own service manager, Brett. My wife was laid off due to Covid-19 business closures. During this time, they showed up and said we could pay for the next year right now, or they could take their traps. I figured out how to afford the $250 charge, and gave them my debit card info over the phone. (Service manager called office and handed me the phone.) 20-30 minutes later they called back and claimed to have had a computer error on their end. They said my card was never processed or authorized, and that they needed my number again. I very clearly stated that I could not afford for my card to be charged twice, and was assured that would not be the case. The next morning, I wake up and guessed it...two charges of $250 on my card. I called and informed them that I wanted a full refund of both charges, and wanted to no longer to business with them. On the first call, I was told that I would have to wait 24 hours for them to get their CC info from their processors. The next day, I'm told that they will refund the first charge electronically, but I will have to wait 24-48 hours for it to go through. On top of that, I was told they would not be able to process the second return electronically, despite being fully capable of CHARGING me electronically, and I would have to wait for a paper check to be mailed out to me to refund the second charge. 72 hours after that notification, and I still have $0 of my money back. The initial double charge was 6 days ago. I would strongly urge prospective clients to find a different company to do business with.

  • D

    Darla Heeter


    I do not have regular pest control with Team Pest USA (I have in the past) but I have used them recently for wildlife exclusion. They have been very responsive. The office staff, the technicians and the branch manager have all been very easy to communicate with and have shown the utmost customer service. Thank you for the care you are showing to my family.

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