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Southern States - Hardin Cooperative - Hardin Branch
Mulberry, Elizabethtown, KY

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  • +1 270-769-1331
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  • 402 S Mulberry St, Elizabethtown, KY 42701
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  • Saturday8AM–12PM
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    Southern States - Hardin Cooperative - Hardin Branch Reviews

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      Lisa Parsons


      I bought a house in February. It has a gas fire place so of course, there's a propane tank outside. Being a first time home owner, I didn't realize that the tanks are rented. I thought I owned it! Anyway, the tank was full which costs $500. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to stress over that expense for awhile. So it was a surprise to walk outside on Saturday to find my entire tank gone! We never got a letter in the mail, no notice on the door, nothing. I called several different propane suppliers and no one serviced my address. My coworker suggested to check Southern States Farm Equipment Supplier since they're open on Saturdays. When I called, the woman on the phone said she did pick it up. I explained that I bought the house in February and that the caretakers of the property for the previous owners told me that I had a full tank worth over $500 so I knew it was paid for. She agreed the propane was paid for. I told her that I assumed we owned the tank and I never received a notice or I would have paid the rental. She was immediately rude, like she was ready to get defensive. I then asked if I could get the account transferred into my name, that I was willing to rent the tank and she told me that I have to open a new account and fill the tank again. So I said "so you want me to pay for propane that was already bought and paid for?" And she said "yes. It'll be $560 for a 400 gallon tank." I then said "but it was already paid for" and she said "well who are you? Did YOU pay for it?" That's when I realized that they were demanding that they steal $500 from me. So I said I'd need to make sure this was legal and got off the phone. That's the kind of business Southern States does. They will, without notice, go on YOUR property. Take a FULL propane tank and demand that you come buy it back because the first $500 didn't come out of your own pocket. I don't do business with thieves. They could have made a lot of money off of me in the next 20 years.... But they can keep that $500 they stole and I'll let God deal with it.

    • f

      franklin moreno


      Horrid Customer Service! I sent a bankcheck to pay for my bill the day before it was due (29th...due on 30th...both business days). The bank delivered the check on the 29th. However, Southern States did not deposit said check until the following Monday and charged a service fee. This happened twice in a row. They also reported me to a credit agency damaging my near perfect credit score. Technically, a best business practice is to credit the payment when it is delivered in the mail, not when the company cashes the check. Then when I called twice to dispute, I got sever attitude from he receptionists and she was insulting. She refused to pass me on tho the manager. So I scheduled a face-to-face meeting with the manager the following week. I went; he never showed up and I waited an hour. I guess they figured I would go away. Well, I did!!! I went with their competitor Ferrell Gas and was treated like royalty. Stay away from Southern States!!!! They have no idea what customer service is, what business best practices are, and what personal respect is!!!

    • J

      Joie Chitwood


      Stopped in for some propane. Fixed me right up. Thanks Fellas.

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