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    Safari Termite & Pest Control Reviews

    3.5 stars based on 116 reviews

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      Barry Blackmon Sr


      Thanks to Safari for their speedy response to address my lawn problem. One side of my lawn was dying at an alarming rate. They sent Nick, the service and lawn technician. Nick was courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable. He showed me where the spider worms were eating and killing my grass. The most eye opening was that he actually found the worn to show me. He immediately applied the product to get rid of the worms. This was a unique and educational experience . Thank you Nick and the Safari organization. Barry B.

    • T

      T.K William


      Service is poor and customer service even worse. Many spots and weeds in yard. When asked why, they said I needed to upgrade service to fix along with putting dirt on top. After doing so, they never checked back to ensure it was fine.. In fact, it looked even worse. I called to cancel and they were worse than dealing with Comcast. They said it was my fault even though I’ve paid, upgraded, spent time and additional money on my own part. I canceled and highly suggest you DO NOT use them for exterior service.

      Response from the owner

      Mr./Mrs. T.K William, We have absolutely no record whatsoever of an account for you. That said, I would love to address your concerns. Could you please provide your address, account number, or name that the account was under so that I can get to the bottom of this issue? I would really appreciate the opportunity to see what happened so that I could be at least have the opportunity to address your concerns.

    • A



      So the pictures of my yard I have heard different concerns for all the reasons why it's in bad shape. Chinch bugs, the fungus, and now root rot. The lawn techs are obviously not qualified and trained properly on how to diagnose an issue with the lawn. For the past 6 months it has been treated for different things and yet it looks very bad. Now that I have called to confront them it seems excuses are the best answer. Moving on I have a few wasp nest along the roof area that need removal since it hasn't been done in over 3 months and the manager came out only to remove the biggest nest and not the little ones. When he show me that his rounded pole could not reach the under part of the roof, I kindly showed him that a flat and sharp object should do the trick!!! After Safari has proven how worthless they are, my last question for the tech was why hasn't anyone stated this on the door flyer about your concerns instead of saying " WATER AFTER 24 HOURS." His reply was simple , techs now a days don't know $*#! I really hope they respond to this review with some solid photo evidence about my situation because another written excuse at this point is only showing that you simple don't care. Safari Termite And Pity Control who would you recommend for the best pest control company other than yourselves? This long review basically states to stay the hell out of their way.

      Response from the owner

      Mr. Abner, We were very clear about the reason your lawn is in the shape it is. Your lawn was severely drought-stressed and developed chinch bugs as a result. Your wife even admitted to us, that you had shut the irrigation off in the middle of a very hot and dry period in July and that the irrigation wasn’t working at all for a large part of the yard. If customers refuse to irrigate the lawn properly, there is nothing we can do to guarantee against this type of damage. As the pictures show, the damage was concentrated in the sunniest parts of your lawn due to the lack of irrigation. Despite pointing this out and following up on it a week later, your lawn was still badly drought stressed because the lawn was not being irrigated. When we brought this to her attention your wife, again, admitted that you had not been doing any type of supplemental irrigation. We pride ourselves on delivering great service, but the results are dependent on many factors, not the least of which is irrigation. We have no control over how much irrigation a lawn is supplied with and all we can do is identify drought stress when it is present and ask you to water more. If you refuse to do so, we should not be held accountable. Trying to shift the blame with a baseless google review is shameful, dishonest, and unfair to the hardworking employees of our company.

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