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    Planet Friendly Pest Control, Rodent Extermination and Termite Control Reviews

    4.8 stars based on 18 reviews

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    • k

      kelli Waclawski


      They were quick to respond and did exactly what I was hoping. They added value by educating me on their recurring services which I took advantage of. Gene was very friendly and helpful.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Kelli, thank you for the review. Please keep us posted if you need any service before the summer treatment.

    • C

      Casey Buffenbarger


      We had been using Planet Friendly for almost 2 years and absolutely no complaint. We were “wined and dined” by a guy going door to door on a hover board and, without any reason to leave, tried the “new” company. We didn’t even make it a full season before we returned to Planet Friendly. During the few months that were not with PF, we experienced an influx of spiders in every corner and surface of our home. We called the company and asked for it or be addressed. They willingly came out twice, and were very nice, but the spiders were still there and multiplying. In addition, although we have no idea if this was the cause, my Yorkie experienced some type of interaction or reaction of seizure like symptoms to a pest or a substance on a day they sprayed just hours after they finished. Could have been coincidence, but we never had that happen on days that Planet Friendly treated the yard. Planet Friendly is courteous, professional, safe for my little humans and dogs, and have come out on extra occasion to address any concerns. We highly recommend and are glad we are back with them. Although we lost money trying a new company (they would not refund the costs even though their services were not effective), lesson learned that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

      Response from the owner

      Thank you for the wonderful review!

    • J

      Jessica Martinez


      I really wanted to give them a try but found them near impossible to get a hold of. That was fine, I was willing to wait as I just purchased a new home and wanted to get on a regular pest control schedule with the most eco-friendly options available. However, I was weary that if I ever had a pest emergency I wouldn't be able to get a hold of anyone quickly, but Planet friendly had great reviews online, so I hoped they would be better once I was a client on a treatment service schedule. Initially their 800 number was never able to connect to me anyone. I tried a few days later and after waiting for almost 30 min I got an agent yay! The agent was not able to give me much information as he claimed he wasn't an expert but would send my info to one of the experts to get the best plan. Fair enough, I appreciated his honesty and looked forward to the follow up call I was told would come from an expert in the next business day. A few business days go by and I don't hear from anyone. I decide to keep waiting because maybe they just have a hard time fitting in new clients. Finally, I receive a call and have a great phone call with an expert and he assures me I'll be fit into the schedule. Unfortunately, a storm came through the next day and they cancelled. That is totally understandable and I was sent an email and text, which I appreciated. I then texted the tech back and let him know my availability. He informed me he was figuring out how to shift the schedule. I let him know that I was free pretty much anytime the following week and to just let me know when he could come out. I didn't hear back so I sent a follow up message today. I received no reply. Trying to get their services has now been an over 2 week project and im really quite disappointed. I hope the disconnect is just due to them being really busy and hopefully this means many people are choosing eco-friendly pest control. I guess that's great news! I just wish I could've been one of them. One word of advice for the company is just post on your site or let people know when they call that you aren't able to take new clients, then you save everyone time.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Jessica, thank you for your feedback. I am sorry you had a bad experience. This COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on us all including small service companies. We will certainly take your words to heart as we move forward trying to provide the best service possible with some of the unique challenges we, as a small service company, are confronted with. Best regards - Gene

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