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    Mosquito Joe of Southeast Michigan Reviews

    4.1 stars based on 72 reviews

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    • a

      arlana odden


      If I could give this company 0 stars I would. I had a graduation party 7/10/21, I called the company 2 weeks in advance to get an event spray. I called 3 days prior, just as a reminder. I was assured my event would be covered. Well guess who didn’t show AT ALL!! Mosquito Joe had been servicing my property for 2 year. Well no more, just lost a customer and anyone else I can tell. HORRIBLE SERVICE AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TOO!

      Response from the owner

      Hello Arlana, we wanted to respond and share our regret and let you know we are truly sorry that this occurred. We've been grateful to service your property for the last two years, and it's disappointing that this issue caused your cancellation. We know how important it was for you to have coverage for your graduation party, and an error occurred in our system that caused your event to not show up in the technician's route for the day. Unfortunately, technical issues out of our control such as this sometimes happen with the system that Mosquito Joe uses, and we apologize that this caused us to not be able to service your property in time. If you should change your mind about your regular treatment, please let us know, and we would be happy to continue to help you enjoy your yard the way that you deserve to. Thank you for your time, Arlana, and we wish you the very best. The Mosquito Joe Team

    • L

      Laura Jozlyn


      TLDR: They didn't call or show for a month despite assuring me they'd be over when I would call for an update. Their policy is to contact when they are coming but not when they aren't coming. An employee showed up June 23rd, after the first review was left, and she applied the treatment. It has been just shy of 3 weeks and were having mosquitos and peoplebeing bitten..I am going with a new company and will be asking for a refund not a reapplication given all the issues I've had with the service and my lack of faith in the successful and timely treatment of my yard. Oroginal: After finding ticks on my dog twice, I signed up for Mosquito Joe's services with the additional flea and tick treatment. I told the rep that I was wanting the area treated asap as my dog was bitten by a tick and I had just found another tick on her, when I signed up. That was literally a month ago. They STILL have not been out yet and I don't know when or if they will be out as I plan on canceling them and find another provider. We have called multiple times and been told different time frames (early next week, late next week, Monday or tuesday, and Saturday). Saturday was the last time frame they gave us but nothing. Not once have they contacted us to say they wouldn't be coming to our home despite telling us were on for Saturday or Monday or Tuesday.The reasons given have been from rain, which in fairness, we have had some but not that much, to staffing issues because of Covid. I understand they contact usually when they are coming but seeming as this has been a repeated issue for a month, they should have at least said, our schedule is canceled this week or whatever.... Nope. I can be patient and understanding about staffing issues or even rain but what I don't get is why not let me know you're not going to be providing me a service at all when I've been signed up for it for a month. Reading other reviews these aren't new issues for this outfit and since that's the case, why are they signing up customers they cannot service? This isn't the way to get or keep a customer and I am proof of that. I would never recommend a business that fails to call or show up a customer and does so for a month. Silly me for sticking around that long. No thank you. Their mosquito and outdoor pest treatments may work, I cannot say either way. They have to show up first and they fail to even do that. I will warn the neighbors that were waiting to see the success we had with this, to steer clear of this company and anyone else looking for this type of service. Update 7/11/21: They did send someone out to treat my yard. The employee was kind, professional and patient with me as I attempted to make contact with the office and declined service until I was able to speak to someone. They did they treatment and left. Fast forward and here we are a couple weeks later (not anywhere near a month) and my room mate has killed several mosquitos and was bitten last night by 2. What a waste of money and time. I'll be calling on Monday to request a refund, I'm going going with another company. While I didn't think they'd be able to erratically them all, I expected to not have my room mate telling me he's being attacked when he goes outside. Edited to add TDLR and add an update 07/11/21.

      Response from the owner

      Hello Laura, we truly apologize that we haven't been able to get started, and we appreciate your understanding regarding the staffing issues and the disruptive weather we've been having. These have put us behind schedule, unfortunately, especially with the rain and how that influences the effectiveness of the treatment. We've fully intended to keep our appointments with you, but these obstacles have caused the delay. We realize the urgency involved in treating your yard and making sure your dog is protected from ticks, and we wanted to share that we've been able to add some new staff to help with the workload. Our technicians typically will call our customers who are on their scheduled route to let them know that their service has been cancelled that day and that they've been rescheduled, and we apologize if our call was missed or you did not receive one. We would be grateful to still have the opportunity to help you deal with those pests and bring you the relief you're looking for, and if you change your mind, please let us know, and we'll be happy to offer our services. The Mosquito Joe Team

    • j

      jo cho


      Despite many positive reviews online of this company and their services, my experience was very different. I've initially wanted to try only their one time application prior to a family event in our backyard, and since then they've automatically enrolled me in a season long plan which I did not agree or sign-up for. Even when I requested their one time application, I specifically requested it to be just one time application. Few weeks later, a technician called before coming or they showed up on my door, I specifically told the technicians that I did not sign-up for the season plan, therefore to cancel my plans going forward. The technicians acknowledged and told me that they would inform the office. I assumed this was taken care of until 2 weeks ago when Katie from customer service office called to inform me that I have a remaining balance of $236 for 4 applications that I did not request and rejected at the time, and also mentioned that she confirmed with all the technicians that I did not reject any of their services. I was appalled and disagreed that I cannot be responsible for any services that I did not sign-up for nor services that I've received, or mistakes that the office made to dispatch technicians after I repeatedly rejected them all. Then Katie called again last week to inform me that the reason she thinks I'm not paying is probably because I was furloughed like many people during this pandemic, and that I don't have the money to pay... I've never heard of such blasphemous and insulting comment from any customer service rep in any industry. Even if it was true, that is not for a customer service rep to comment out loud over the phone, never the least even offer some assistance or payment plans. It is a disgrace how this company trains (or none at all) their service reps insult their customers. Based on this poor quality of customer service and their system errors and cunning tactics to collect money from first time customers, I do not recommend this company to anyone!! UPDATE - Customer service rep just sent me invoices through email for the 4 applications that I never signed-up for and rejected. It is incredible to see how they think their cunning tactics can be justified by simply sending out fallacious invoices/statements via email... I hope all new customers are well warned.

      Response from the owner

      Hello Chang Sung, we wanted to take a moment to respond and have the chance to address the concerns that you shared in your review. Regarding the cancellation of your services, we hadn't received any phone calls or emails stating that you had wanted to cancel further treatments. While you did say that you turned away the technicians and informed them that you'd like to cancel, we did not have any reports that you had wanted to discontinue, and our technicians are very thorough in alerting our office to any changes made with a customer's service. We are in constant communication throughout the day with our technicians and handle any rescheduling or cancellation notices on a daily basis, and unfortunately, we hadn't received any notice regarding your account. When speaking to you on the phone after this happened, our intention in our remark was to comment on how this is a difficult season for many right now, and we understand that it may be difficult to make payments, and we apologize if this was received in the wrong manner. Thank you for your time, Chang Sung, and we wish you the best. The Mosquito Joe Team

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