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Marc's Stores
Tuscarawas, Canton, OH

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  • +1 330-477-7101
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  • 5123 Tuscarawas St W, Canton, OH 44708
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  • Wednesday7AM–9PM
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    Marc's Stores Reviews

    3.9 stars based on 60 reviews

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    • S

      Scott Williams


      Marc's is OK. They got some good sturdy bags now and check out lines are faster it seems. Place seems cleaner, more organized. I like Marc's. 💯🇺🇸☝

    • g



      It was crowded and confusing. You have to get your cart in front of the registers ,then fight your way past everyone who was trying to leave after paying for there groceries. The congestion did not stop till the produce department. While checking out the beer I was trying to purchase was priced wrong($8.99) and I was not impressed with the Manager's response. She said " l do not care what it said on the posted tag,State minimum is what it rang up at"($10.99) . She could have phrased it more professional. I will be going to a different location.....

    • C

      Carla Lawson


      Tiffany H was checker and had the worst attitude. Every Saturday we have lunch then check out what we can find in isle 1 or lovingly referred to as the junk isle. She repeatedly double rang us, even on bread, that scans. Twice the manager came over to delete. The second time she turned her head away to whisper at the manager. Her attitude started with ringing me 14 items in the 12 item checkout. I bought 4 reusable bags to load my bounty, if not I would have been under the 12 item limit. Then she rang a wire basket for 9.99 because that was pre printed on the sticker from a different store they bought at liquidation. She pointed fingers of fault at the nice ladies who work that isle and said it happens often because they should be crossing out that label. I asked why she would ring a tag she knew wasn't there's. Then she just got angrier that she had to wait on a manager to void and said, "they make nothing easy around here." I still love Marc's stores but stay away from Tiffany H.

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