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    Lowe's Home Improvement Reviews

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      I ordered a snow blower online in the morning before I went to work fully expecting it to be able to pick it up after work. About two hours after I placed my order I received the email that it was ready for pickup. I do not have a vehicle large enough to get a snow blower in, and they didn't offer delivery, so I had to hire someone to help me pick it up and get it home. I notified my delivery people that I would meet them at the store at 5:00. I arrived at the store a few minutes earlier than that expecting to have to wait to get my order. There was no line at the pickup desk when I got there. I let the associate know the order number that I was there for and immediately got the "oh boy another snow blower" routine. The associate then proceeded to call someone else to get my order because for some reason mine was in the receiving area instead of up front in the pickup area where there were about 20 of the exact same snow blower already there. After about 20-25 minutes finally someone brought up the snow blower. By this time my delivery people were very impatient and the sun was setting. By the time we arrived home it was dark and all I could do was put in the garage. Today when I finally was able to get to actually getting out and doing my driveway I noticed that snow blower was in poor condition. It clearly had been sitting somewhere for a LONG time. All of the labels were so sun faded that I couldn't even read them. There was no manual included (had to look that up online) and the plastic that it had been shipped it had basically been fused to the metal. There is ability to peel it off, it just turns to dust when you touch it. I finally got it all filled with oil and gas and was able to work on the driveway. By this time the snow had been driven on and walked on plenty since we are the bus sop for the elementary school kids. Immediately I ran into a problem where the wheels would just spin anytime it hit this packed snow, it is not powerful to get any grip and propel itself forward. I noticed that only one of the wheels was locked, so I put the pin in to lock the other wheel to get both wheels turning. This helped a little bit, but not enough to accomplish the task. Any spot that wasn't packed, the blower worked wonderfully. The whole reason I bought this was because I have a bad back and just can't shovel any more. However, with how things went today and having to man handle this 180lb thing in the snow and ice I can't say that I am in any less pain than if I had just shoveled it all. Now I am contemplating selling it after one use and hiring a service to come and do it for me. I definitely will not purchase another item from Lowe's online. And I am not sure that I would recommend this machine to anyone else based on this experience.

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      Rebekah Barrett


      This Lowes is awesome I was in a different city 5 minutes to 10:00pm (closing) and I needed a part real badly well a tool and I had the site I was at call up to the Lehi Utah location. they stayed late, brought it up to customer service, somebody stayed here waiting for me and when I got here and knocked on the locked door they opened it up and had my tool ready for me and the cash registers still open so I could pay. freaking awesome service definitely recommend to this store! Thank you so much...

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      Jose R


      I will give Lowe's 5 stars way faster than I would give Home Depot any stars. For starters why make it impossible for veterans to get a discount? not that we are not grateful for a discount which we really are, but why make it so difficult for veterans to get a 10% discount? Veteran think I'm up to them with an ID on hand showing that they are serving this country and they will still make them go online sign up and a very much more complicated process that Lowe's has in place Lowe's makes you go online and do it as well one time and not as complicated. Did I mention the staff is always willing to help does not give you the feeling that you're bothering them when you ask them a question and the stores are clean.

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