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  • 7300 Yankee Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45044
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    Kroger Reviews

    4.1 stars based on 828 reviews

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    • C

      Carey Marie


      When you go to most Krogers and they tend to be out of everything... This Kroger tends to have everything that you might be missing out on.. I like this location not only because of the selection, but they also offer an excellent floral department and have a Starbucks! You can also find great customer service here, but if you're looking for quick service in the deli department you will not find... Happy krogering

    • N

      Nikole C


      Mark, the “owner of the store” literally started screaming at me when I was trying to get milk for an instacart order. He yelled at me in front of multiple other shoppers. He even insulted my line of work and said I could make more money at Kroger instead. I’m not sure if he thought because I am a young woman that I’d submit to him when he raised his voice, but that is not what happened at all. I shop at this store all day for instacart and have never had an issue like this, I’ve done multiple orders that are identical to this one and never had an issue. There was no sign saying the quantity for this item was limited (like stores usually put up for items in high demand). Again I’m not upset I couldn’t get the supplies for my customer, I’m appalled that an old man thought he could dominate his way through our conversation. At the end of the ordeal he kept walking away from me while we were trying to ask questions. Highly. Highly. Unprofessional I expect much more from a “store owner”

    • M

      Marcy Gantt


      This Kroger has gotten to the point of ridiculous as far as checkout lanes. Each of the times I have gone recently, there has been one or at most two actual checkout lanes open while all of the newly installed self checkout lanes are up and running. Lines for the real checkout lines are 4, 5,&6 carts deep with seemingly no regard by management for the insane wait times. It is obvious the intention is for customers to self check out but this is both inconvenient when you have more than 10-15 items and, with the premium charges of Kroger goods, unacceptable. I also shop at Aldi and the savings justifies the expectation of my bagging my own groceries. This isn't the case at Kroger and it's disappointing they've lessened their customer service to this level.

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