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    Kroger Reviews

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      Alex St. Clair


      EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :D Probably the purest surviving example of a 1970's "Superstore Kroger" left that's close to my house, this Kroger is worth the near-three-hour drive just for the time warp. This store opened circa April 1979, right when the Superstore era was drawing to a close and the "Greenhouse Kroger" era was about to begin. Despite having been repainted a milky brown color sometime in the 2010's, and its original "KROGER" block letters yanked off in favor of a logo on one side of the white arches (itself replacing a second "Delicatessen/Bakery" hexagon), it's still obviously a Superstore. Inside, the store holds on to Kroger's late-1990's "Millennium" layout, and even still has its original floor in the front and back. I think even the checkout lanes, all five of 'em(!), are original (but with modern computers, obviously). I think I even saw an original chest freezer in the back. Like a lot of old Krogers, this one has a "Kroger Cube", and it's actually the most necessary one if you're entering from WV 107 northbound, as the cube is the primary way in which you'll see a Kroger that's otherwise blocked by a massive hotel! I sure hope they never get rid of this one! D: The deli/bakery is awkwardly mushed together into one section, and the wall art only makes mention of a apparent bakery to be had! Some other ways in which the store's "time warp" is a bad thing: * No self-checkouts * No ClickList * Pharmacy has no drive-thru * The paint is peeling off in a few spots. The wall art is fading, there are a few cracked floor tiles, the "Delicatessen/Bakery" lettering on the remaining hexagon looked like it was dripping, and I think the unusually dark blue tone of the Kroger logo on the "cube" might be a sign, too. * It's so small~~~ * The aisles are narrower than what you might be used to, although it's not bad, and they WERE still able to fit 12 in. * The restrooms were awkwardly shoved into the meat freezer area. While three former Superstores in my area (Tanglewood, West Salem, and Radford) also have their restrooms in weird places, they were able to make them work a bit better. * The area where the guest services booth would be in a traditional Superstore was awkwardly gutted and replaced with the Coinstar machine. Allegedly, this Kroger is part of a larger "shopping center" whose color scheme matches the store. I only saw one other business in it, though, and I have no idea what it is or what it does! -_- If this Kroger ever had a SuperX, I don't know what happened to it, as I couldn't find a CVS anywhere in the town. Finally, while this Kroger DOES have a Fuel Center, finding it is quite a mind screw. It's nowhere near the actual store! Instead, you have to take WV 107 northbound past where the road goes onto one-way splits, and turn around where they come back together! Why is this Fuel Center so far away and so well-hidden? Overall, though, the positives outweigh the negatives. Would shop again.

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      It's a very small store but has a selection of organic produce and products throughout. Except for the lack of organic meats I can usually find most of what I need for a whole foods diet without the pesticides, MSG or chemicals. Very friendly staff as well. Glad to have it in Hinton.

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      Tammy Patterson


      Thank you Dakota for loading our groceries in the rain. He was so friendly. Thanks Bobby, Debbie and John for excellent service. These guys are great. Couldn't have gotten better any where else.

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