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JD Smith Exterminators, Inc. Reviews

2.5 stars based on 10 reviews

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    Robert Bessette


    I am a veteran of the pest control field and I formerly worked for JD Smith of Pasco. In all my years of working I have never seen a more unqualified pest control company. They use literally one product to treat everything. They don't Webster and sweep down the outside of people's houses and around their windows. Not to mention the supervisor John cares more about guns and politics. Then actually taken care of his customers. Also he likes to screw employees out of money that they are owed. Which is why I left the company

  • B

    Brian Vollmer


    In October of 2016, we called Jd Smith Exterminators, Spring Hill Fl to help us with our pest problem. When we called to make the appointment the service person said he would spray for bugs, set up traps, and seal any openings outside the house and on the roof as well. He quoted us the price of $245.00, which included him coming by every 2 to 3 days each week to check the traps. Upon our first appointment, the service tech was 2 hours late and did not come with all of the equipment needed to complete the job, which in turn delayed part of the service that was promised. After the initial service, no one came back or called to schedule our next appointment to check the traps. With every attempt made to inquire about my service the office manager was hesitant to give me any information and was very rude with a lack of disregard on how this was affecting us from taking time off work & still having a pest problem. Finally, we decided to speak with the owner to try and get this problem rectified. He refused to complete the service, didn’t apologize for any inconvenience, and refused to talk any further about our service. We were very unhappy with how unprofessional this company was, how they came without the proper equipment, and how they collected their money but didn't follow through with what was quoted.

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    christalene Amos


    My experience with this location was horrible. I don't want to say bad things as an overall company. Their spring hill location, I have very negative feelings towards this office. First of all, why have a secretary there to take calls when it seems she doesn't know what she is doing. I am not even sure of her position but all she does is take your info and assigns it to her only employee(who is overloaded with work). She doesn't even schedule the bookings and in my experience she should be the one collecting the info, reviewing each exterminators schedule, and assigning them even amount of bookings. That way she know what's going on and can schedule accordingly. She is rude and short and there is no customer service with her. Secondly, we tried scheduling back in early March a visit. Brian (who was our exterminator) seemed to always be booked and would state that he would get back to us to schedule an appointment, he did not. I didn't want Brian and I wanted Jim because I was referred to him because he does an amazing job. Finally, we got a hold of Jim, he scheduled and booked and confirmed everything I needed and we were set for March 30th. He showed up, called and did a great job considering our situation. Unfortunately, he left the company not sure why but if it was anything with this office I can see why. I later discovered it is due to this office and the way they are handling things. We were given a free second visit and our scheduled visit was every two months. I wanted to take advantage of our second visit prior, so we can be ahead and resolve our issue sooner with pests. Now, we were back to Brian, ugh, and back to saying I will call you later and schedule and he of course, never would. Then he would call on same day or tell us he had an opening but as anyone knows for busy working people that you can't drop everything your doing and all of sudden re-plan your day out or even next day. We need notice. He finally stated that he can show up 2 months later which happened to be a Monday that is our normal day to visit(of course he can make that day). At that point, I told him we still have our free visit and we shouldn't have to pay and that it wasn't our fault the business was not able to complete our needs because they were under staffed. It is the companies fault that they didn't provide coverage when they were down to one staff. I don't really blame Brian because he was picking up all the jobs and I can see it is a lot to take on but still a lack of communication was missing. Finally, they had hired someone that was trying to come in and given our second visit that should have been done in April, it is now June. He called but I was on the outs with this business, instead when he called, it was only to say he showed up unannounced and sprayed our outside of house. He called to say he couldn't do inside because we weren't there. He tried calling again to schedule, I decided one last try because he called. Now this visit was our so-called free visit, in which we get a call from the company office (right away, of course because they want to get paid) to find out why we were not getting charged and wanting money. Really!! I guess no notes were left in our account in regards to our situation. Well I tried giving them one last chance and gave til 12 then until 2 pm today and no show. I left a text message and a phone call but no response but he stated he called but no voicemail was left in event that some reason my phone wasn't working. I keep my phone with me at all times. I have the call logs to verify and I checked with my husband. I decided to give this full review and called to cancel which they seemed to be very happy with and quickly cancelled my account. The company needs to reevaluate this office and who they have representing them but this office either needs a lot of work or replacements. Best wishes but I won't be using this company or referring them. UPDATE: I guess I haven't been taken off the list because they seem to leave a reminder call that they are stopping by to spray. SMH.

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