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JD Restorations Pensacola - Restoration Services Florida Reviews

4.4 stars based on 7 reviews

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    Peepa12 Till


    JD Restorations placed a blue tarp on part of my roof to avoid further water leaks/damage. They also ran a few fans throughout the house for a few days to dry affected areas. They were professional and I'm so thankful my insurance company was responsible for paying bill. 😊

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for your rating, it is a pleasure for us to work for you and your family and to do our best to solve your problems professionally and completely.

  • E

    Eduardo Garcia


    I want to say thank you to all JD representatives, from customer service to technicians. They have eradicate all the mold I had in my house. Super recommended. On time, good quality and professionalism.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks you! We will more than happy to assist you anytime.

  • J

    Jacob Rothe


    Absolutely terrible company! May 2021 they were contracted by my PA to replace the blue tarp on my roof with shrink wrap (Hurricane Sally Damage). The old blue tarp had been damaged in the months previous for multiple storms. They came out, went through the services they would be performing and had me sign an assignment. Only HALF of what was supposed to be wrapped was completed. Called my PA, he had them come back out. Instead of shrink wrapping the rest of it, they blue tarped it. Fine. At least it's covered. July 2021. A young kid driving a company van stops in asking me to sign an assignment. I state that I already have. He states they "lost it". I ask to speak to a manager. Kid states, the manager won't answer my call. A couple hours later I get a call from the manager, Raymond White. Why am I signing a new assignment? He states they had some computer problems and lost a bunch of assignments. The whole story is vague and sounds fishy but ok, fine. The other issues: my address isn't correct (they had an entirely unrelated address) and my name and contact information was grossly incorrect. (My name is not Joseph Ruthe). I also let him know I am not comfortable with signing BLANK assignment that does not state services listed or the cost. He tells me it's for the 2 times they came out to tarp my roof and the work they did inside my house. NO you did not do any work inside my house. I let Raymond know, if he'll send me an assignment with the correction information AND the assignment is complete with the services rendered and cost, I'll sign it, no problem. Next day, new person, same blank assignment. He tells me "we're just going to let you fill out your information yourself". Ok, where the services rendered and cost, it's still blank? Long story short, Raymond and I are back on the phone having the same conversation where he tells me the same thing, stating same as before! Once again, JD Restoration NEVER PERFORMED ANY WORK INSIDE MY HOUSE! We're back and forth for a couple of weeks . Finally, I get an invoice via email. $10,497.37 for 1550 sq ft of shrink wrap. Reminder; 1/3 isn't shrink wrap, it's blue tarp. July 13th, I provide all of my information again. July 21st. I text him no AOB yet. He resends it on July 27th. Same story. I speak to an attorney. I'm advised not to sign a blank AOB. I don't. August 10th, 2:16 p.m. 3 emails and a phone call. We need you to sign the AOB. will review it with my PA . If correct and complete, I'll sign it. Same story. 4:53 p.m. 2nd phone call. In a threatening manner I'm told if I refuse to sign the AOB now, they will come out and remove the shrink wrap. I warn they will be trespassing and the law will be called. Now it's threat and coercion. That's like handing someone blank check and telling them to write it for whatever they want. I reiterate, angry and firmly, what they need to provide to get their money. A correct and complete assignment with correct customer information and complete with services rendered and cost. As I have stated for this past month; I will not sign a blank assignment. I have already signed an assignment on the original visit that they cannot account for and they refuse to provide a complete assignment with services rendered and cost. I will not be threatened because they have failed or refuse to complete a very simple task and provide the reasonable information asked for by the customer. Threats and coercion are the way of JD Restoration to try to over charge the clients insurance company for services not provided. Once again, they DID NOT shrink wrap all of the area the roof they were supposed to or charging for, a large part of it is blue tarped. And JD Restoration NEVER performed any services in my home!

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