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Barry, Kansas City, MO

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  • +1 816-891-9100
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  • 11500 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64153
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  • Saturday8AM–5PM
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    Grass Pad Reviews

    4.3 stars based on 116 reviews

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      Absolutely positively unabashedly the worst customer service I have ever received! I try so hard to shop locally, as well as close to home to support local schools etcetera via taxes. I guess their thinking is that lawn care is a necessity to a degree, giving him a guaranteed business. But I would much rather shop anywhere else and at any prices than shopping here again. This location offers a lot of grass parking. If there is handicap parking, I did not see it. The entrance only had one door open from the front, you would have to come around from the side/exit if you need an accessible entrance. There are lines everywhere and if you've never been there it's really confusing how to shop. There was a line to the door when you first walked in which everone got in, but it was for bulk item purchasing and as people realized that's not the line they are there for they get out of that line to actually shop around. It's very difficult to find an employee to ask any questions that you might have. The lines for checkout are extremely long. They have a very old fashioned POS and also do not take American Express. Not sure what others they don't being, bring multiple options. They apparently just began a rewards program which they are asking everyone to sign up for. They ask you a ton of information which takes a lot of time. Although I understand how a rewards system benefits a business, something this time consuming is a ridiculous expectation when the lines are as long as they were.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Celeste, thank you for dropping in on Sunday. You just witnessed the first day of spring at the Grass Pad when temperatures are in the 70s with the threat of rain the next day. Thousands of our most loyal lawn-savvy customers buy their grass seed and spring fertilizer to throw down on their yard before the rain. It was the perfect storm. Yes, it can get a little chaotic for a few weekends in spring; we have thousands of customers we are trying to help, and sometimes the one-on-one service we are most famous for can be quick and concise to help as many customers as possible. Yes, we can understand how the first-time experience at the Grass Pad could be overwhelming on the first day of spring; we would liken it to the first day at university and trying to find the right lecture hall. Uncle’s Grow Points rewards are quick and easy to sign up at the register; we only ask for name, phone number, and an email. We noticed you had signed up using the online form, which is longer, asking for the same information in addition to an address and your preferred Grass Pad location. We’re sorry you were disappointed in your first experience at the Grass Pad. We hope you might come back and see us later when the spring peak has smoothed. Thank you for your feedback.

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      Andrew Champlain


      They don't accept American Express. I didn't see an obvious sign that stated they didn't take it before I wasted my time selecting items to purchase (maybe I missed it). I find it ridiculous that they don't accept it. I guess some businesses would prefer to lose 100% percent of the sell and lose a customer. I read the excuse businesses have for not excepting American Express is that the transaction fee is higher. I guess loosing a customers business is worth making an extra ½% or 1% per transaction? Amex is my preferred method of transaction not accepting it is your choice but I shop elsewhere.

    • L

      Lisa Cerutti


      Always helpful and anyways a great selection! My go to for lawn care advice!

      Response from the owner

      Thank you Lisa!

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