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Fit Turf of North Denver Reviews

3.5 stars based on 41 reviews

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  • C

    Connor Nash


    Used Fit Turf for fertilizers - deep root applications, iron injections in trees, lawn fertilizer. After several attempts, I've successfully canceled my account. Billing is a nightmare. On THREE occasions services were performed without my consent. Communication is terrible, and EVERY SINGLE TIME the technicians would show up unannounced, would not perform service because of the dog in the backyard, and then it's another week before they get back out there. Their only means of communicating this is by leaving a 'sorry we missed you card'. Have not seen any evidence of their products solving any of my issues.

    Response from the owner

    Dear Mr. Nash, We regret to hear that you did not have a positive experience with our services. We do take each concern seriously and would like to address yours. Our records show that you called to cancel on November 3rd. We promptly cancelled your account that same day; I apologize if you had requested to cancel earlier. On April 21st, you spoke with one of our sales representatives and agreed to sign up for 2 Liquid Aerations, the Fall Deep Root Feeding, the Nutrient Booster Injection, and the Fertilizer and Weed Control program. By signing up for these services, you agree to have the applications performed. We were notified on April 23rd, that you were not wanting the Fertilizer and Weed Control application that was scheduled the same day. Unfortunately, your technician was already at your house performing the application, so we made sure that you were not charged for the Spring Feeding. We do offer our customers the option to receive email or text notifications the day prior to scheduled services, however, this is done upon request. We received your request for a text notification on May 13th, after which we did text you the day prior for each scheduled visit from there on. These texts were sent on October 5th, October 13th, October 2nd, and November 2nd for scheduled services. If you wish to delay or cancel an application, we ask that you contact our office to make this change. With that said, we would be happy to address any issues that you are still seeing regarding your lawn and trees. Thank you for time, we look forward to hearing from you. Sarah

  • J

    Jeannette Auman


    I advise strongly NOT to hire this company. 1) They called me based on a search on Home advisor. I hadn't asked for them to contact me 2) Ryan gave a very hard sell, promising to save my tree without even seeing it. 3) He asked for my credit card # before I met personally with anyone from Fit Turf! I said I would not give financial information to a stranger. He said, "That's the way it is." 4) I talked him into sending me an invoice for the work before starting. It said that they use a tree spray with Imidacloprid, which is HIGHLY TOXIC TO BEES.

    Response from the owner

    Dear Mrs. Auman, I apologize if you felt in any way that you were being pushed to add a service for your trees. We certainly do not want any of our customers to feel pressured. Home advisor notifies companies like us to reach out to interested individuals. We do ask that a secure form of payment be placed on the account to activate services. This is done to protect our employees and to verify that you are wanting service. We offer multiple payment options; you can prepay for all of your services via credit card or check, you may be set up on an installment plan, or you can pay after each application is completed. I reached out to you yesterday to verify the sale and offered to go around this policy, by having you sign a document that outlined the services that you agreed to. We were trying to work with you because we understood that you were uncomfortable providing financial information prior to meeting with your technician in person. The products that we use for the Insect & Disease/Mite Spray are toxic to bees. However, our technicians will not spray any trees or shrubs if they notice that bees are present. We want to help preserve the environment as mush as possible. If there were bees present when the application was originally scheduled, your technician would have either rescheduled it entirely or only treated the trees/bushes that did not have any bees near them. We hope that this information clears up any miscommunication and we wish you the best. Regards, Sarah

  • B

    Brian Davidson


    If you get quoted a reasonable, pay as you go price, be weary. My reasonable quote was followed with, you will see some emails, they may talk about "plans" but you can disregard. I don't recommend you do, because that reasonable price doubles and triples really fast. When you call you just hear, "yeah but we did.." Oh an BTW, If you are thinking you will be fine with that so long as your yard gets better.. don't plan on it. No change, lots of $$ and useless notes left by the person telling you to rake and water. Jeez, I never thought about watering my yard?!?!?

    Response from the owner

    Dear Mr. Davidson, I apologize if there was any miscommunication regarding the price of the applications, when they would be performed, and how quickly you would see results. Our records show that you signed up for the Liquid Aeration and 6 Fertilizer and Weed Control applications. Before each application was performed, we emailed to inform you of a scheduled visit for the following day. Typically, each application is performed every 4 -6 weeks, so it is a one-time charge of $49.50 for the fertilizer and weed control. There were 2 occasions in which we applied multiple applications on the same day. On July 1st, we applied the Liquid Aeration and the Early Summer Feeding. As a courtesy, we sent an email to pre-notify you of exactly what we would be applying along with the 2 treatments you would be receiving. As a company, we find that it is more efficient to perform multiple applications on the same day, versus scheduling each application a couple days apart. We did also apply the Summer Revitalizer and the Hydro Wet applications on August 3rd. These were the 2nd and 3rd applications from your 6-step program. We do always apply these applications together. The Hydro Wet application is a water saver that will help retain any moisture that the lawn gets. It is very beneficial during the hot months of the summer because it will help protect your lawn from drought stress. I apologize if you were not informed that these applications would be provided on the same day; I would be happy to refund the cost of the Hydro Wet application. With each visit, your technician evaluates the lawn and offers advice on how to achieve a greener and healthier lawn. During the second visit, your technician noticed that you had some brown/bare areas throughout the lawn. The stretch of 90-degree weather that we had during the summer, was causing many lawns to have heat stress. Applying extra water during those times, was key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Your technician also recommended raking the lawn lightly, because it would help pick up any thatch as well as reduce compaction. Reducing compaction, allows the roots of the grass to receive moisture with less hinderance. With that said I would be happy to have our manager speak or meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns with your lawn. I hope that we can find a resolution and give you a better experience. Sincerely, Sarah

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