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Fayetteville, Raeford, NC

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  • 4522 Fayetteville Rd, Raeford, NC 28376
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  • Wednesday9AM–10PM
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    Family Dollar Reviews

    4.1 stars based on 37 reviews

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      Tyre TradeWinds


      Do not go here. I will not return. Manager first wanted my items back why no I want the items just at the price on the shelf... Manager on duty stated she won't be changing the prices to reflect the price advertised on the shelf. That's odd. Claimed when you come to the register and it says a price that is what you'll pay regardless of that on the shelf. I'm flabbergasted to say the least. Why advertise prices. Btw, I purchased a handful of items that weren't on sale and didn't mind to pay... Either take the stickers off or correct your mistake. Pushing customers out of the door isn't how to do business.

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      TrevorandAngela Ryks


      I was treated badly by who I am assuming was the manager, then when I left, she ranted about me in front of my son and other customers who were still in the checkout. The reason? I would not put a mask on. Before you think I'm unreasonable, I have a health condition and cannot wear a mask. I noticed the corporate [no entrance w/o mask] sign, but entered anyway, (I have no symptoms, no temperature, and I have already overcome COVID19 in January and carry the virus killing antibodies). The store is not busy, I followed social distancing measures, grabbed my ice cream sandwich, and dropped it on the counter. I was wrong for not mentioning that I have a medical exemption, but she began with attitude. There was no one at a register yet, (no problem, I could see she was stocking shelves). I asked, "Is someone coming to the front?" She replied, "Not for you...unless you put a mask on." I don't respond well to disrespectful unprofessional attitudes toward ANY customer. I replied with a stern tone, "You can't force people to wear a mask." I mentioned OSHA law and the US Constitution, mainly because I was caught off guard by her disrespect. I was interrupted several times while I said this by her repeating, "Take it up with Family Dollar." My 15yo son had entered the store before me with plans to purchase a quick lunch with his own money before volunteering at a community service project. He reached the other register and I her asked, "Well are you going to serve him?" She said, "Someone will be there soon." I decided to do something then that I shouldn't have, I put my ice cream sandwich next to my son's items. I didn't tell him to buy it for me, I didn't say I was buying anything that he put on the counter. But when the lady saw what I did, she said, "Oh we're not playing these games." She went behind the counter and grabbed 'everything' off the counter and started walking to the back to put it back on the shelves. I was shocked so I began raising my voice, "Put his stuff back! He's buying that with his own money!" My son left the line and looked for something else to buy, because he didn't have much time before he had to be at his service project. When she returned to the front, I asked, "Is it policy to hold one customer's actions against another?" To which she put up her hand and interupted, "Good bye! Leave my store! Goodbye! Leave my store!" In her defense, I didn't mention my health condition. But she seemed more interested in putting a 'non-compliant contender' in his place rather than ensuring customer safety & satisfaction. I apologized to my son when he came out because of the uncomfortable position I put him in in this situation. He then informed me that after I left, he overheard her ranting about me. The only thing he heard clearly enough though was, "He's a bad role model." Whether she is right or wrong in that statement is irrelevant; no son should hear that about his father from an employee of a business serving him, especially not in front of other customers & staff. Out of the goodness of my son's heart, he searched for the ice cream sandwich and bought it for me on his way out. I'll be paying him back for it.

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      Sadie Denise


      Terrible customer service , the man sits at the front on his phone on phone calls give customers dirty looks and all! I mistakenly put my card on the counter , and he rolled his eyes and pointed aggressively at the machine for cards. Like excuse me? I’ve never experienced this happen to me when the other man that’s usually here is here! Very disappointed and not satisfied with the customer service ! DO BETTER

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