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Dollar General
Municipal, Hillsboro, NH

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  • +1 802-546-2780
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  • 5 Municipal Dr, Hillsboro, NH 03244
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  • Sunday8AM–9PM
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    Dollar General Reviews

    3.9 stars based on 250 reviews

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    • T

      Tracy Burl


      This is the worst store. The last few times I went into the store I couldn’t buy what I wanted because they had most of the isles closed and blocked off. This has got to be the messiest store I have ever been in. The last time I walk in the store as soon as I walked through the door the store stunk of marijuana. I was not impressed at all. I will never shop there again. I personally think this store should close down. I would rather drive to Henniker and do my shopping there.

    • C

      Christina Levitan


      I've been to some messy Dollar General stores in my time but this one is the worst. They have product on u-boats out the front door. As soon as you walk in there is a table of clearance with just random items put on it that are not clearance. The store is riddled with "color labeled sales" but NOTHING is labeled. Most the items that are supposed to be on clearance has not even been updated for clearance yet. So talk about a mess!! Speaking of mess, the entire store is just boxes upon boxes ON shelves that have not even been opened yet. I have NEVER witnessed a store in such disarray in my life.

    • A

      Anna T. Wright (HikingIsLifeNH)


      Store was extremely unorganized and shelves are missing a lot of products. There were two carts full of inventory that needed to be stocked blocking an entire aisle. I go to checkout and before I can put my number in to get my coupons the clerk said it was too late. I asked if the items could be rescanned so I could get my coupons and he said he couldn’t because his manager was on lunch break then proceeds to argue with me that the items might not even have coupons and I know they did because of the app. The manager came back in and had the clerk rescan the items which the clerk was very unhappy about.

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