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  • 1531 Piney Forest Rd, Danville, VA 24540
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  • Monday8AM–10PM
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    CVS Reviews

    3.2 stars based on 13 reviews

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    • L

      L S


      I witnessed a incident (there from beginning to the end) that went on between two customers and let me just say when the black customer tried to verbally defend themselves the manager felt that they were wrong and wanted the black customer to leave, while I was watching I was shocked the manager sat there and watched the white customer start it and verbally attacked the black customer and said nothing to her at all, she then proceeds to talk to the customer who started it like she did nothing wrong instead of her telling her to leave as well (I’m assuming she knew her because the customer called her by her first name and one would’ve thought that the customer worked there as she called all employees on a first name basis, something just didn’t seem right as far as that went) customers that walked in on the middle or end of the confrontation was looking at the black customer as if she was crazy for defending herself when the white customer started it from the beginning and the black customer had every right to defend herself when she was verbally attacked first! I was just shocked at the lack of professionalism from the manager, one of the customers stated to the black customer that she apologized and that the manager should’ve handled the incident better, she need to be reprimanded for that mess but it was all because she knew that customer and every individual has the right to defend themselves verbally or physically no matter what race you are!

    • B

      Bonnie Rorrer


      The staff is very friendly and helpful throughout the store. The pharmacy staff is excellent although the workers are way over-worked so folks with new prescriptions often have a 20-30 minute wait. The phone calls for the pharmacist are constant, reflecting the community’s firm trust in their service. The CVS Corporate Office definitely does not employ enough front store or pharmacy workers. I see the manager actively helping the front staff as they keep the shelves fully stocked and neatly displayed. I urge the Corporate Office to hire more workers and fully appreciate those workers employed now.

    • S

      Sheri Stewart


      The staff are mostly very nice ~ although there are a couple of bad eggs! The inside of the store is immaculate, but the outside is a literal pig sty ~ there's a lot of black mold on the brickwork as you drive up to the drive thru ~ disgusting! The landscaping has been literally left to turn into either dirt, or overgrown shrubs. The street sign is practically unnoticeable due to probably only one bulb burning within the sign.

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