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    2.9 stars based on 72 reviews

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    • J

      Jill Carter


      12/12/21 Again, Store is overpacked, dirty and empty - except for the long, slow line at the most trifling, incompetent, pharmacy on the planet- always a line and long wait - never efficient. I’d take time to highlight how nasty the store is on parts but can’t risk getting out of the long pharmacy line I’ve been waiting in for at least 16 minutes without any movement. I Hate it here! —————- Filthy inside and outside - and to boot there is a ridiculously long line at the pharmacy. Do better. Clean the Store! If I didn’t have to pick up an rx here, I’d run for the hills. How is a public store this nasty during the time of Covid?

    • L

      Liam McGeehan


      The pharmacist was beyond rude, and I was subject to a completely humiliating experience. My psychiatrist has all but ghosted me. He has not returned my calls, nor has his office responded to refill requests. I requested a second emergency supply (3 pills) of my Quetiapine, which is not a controlled substance. The first pharmacist who worked here refilled it and was incredibly courteous. The second pharmacist, Tessa Foster, was rude, condescending, and repeatedly implied that I was going to abuse the medication. I’ve been taking this medication for 7 years, and it has been essential in managing my mental health. She refused to refill it, despite being authorized to do so (per Maryland law; Md. Code Ann., Health Occ. § 12-506, Sub (a)). She said she would lose her license, yet numerous pharmacists have been happy to oblige with no questions whatsoever. I went to the CVS on Centennial Lane in Ellicott City and the pharmacist there was kind, and provided me with three more pills without any questions, which will hopefully get me through while I try to find a new psychiatrist. I will absolutely be taking my business elsewhere and am considering filing a grievance with the state board of pharmacy. Further, Ms. Foster said that it was based on her professional discretion; what reason would there be to deny medicine to a patient when the medicine is not a controlled substance, the patient has been on it for 7 years, and when the pharmacy wasn’t able to get a response from my doctor in over two weeks? Lastly, she suggested that I visit the ER in the midst of a surge in Covid cases due to the omicron variant. ER wait times have been anywhere from 15-20 hours due to the surge in cases. What pharmacist would send someone to the ER over three pills of a non controlled substance; a pill I have been taking for 7 years. What is even more inconceivable is that due to the holiday, wait times would be extraordinarily longer and many doctors offices would be closed. The lack of compassion, empathy, and willingness to listen to what a customer has to say is appalling. Perhaps she felt like she was automatically correct, or that her professional opinion somehow supersedes everyone else’s. It is highly unprofessional for any employee (much less a pharmacist) to imply that a customer intends to abuse a drug, and it is utterly humiliating. I feel humiliated, I was treated like a drug seeker, and I highly recommend you take your business elsewhere if your value your dignity, or if you value your mental health.

    • W

      Whitney Fox


      I booked a vaccine appt online, waited for almost a half hour when the store was nearly empty, only to be told they wouldn't give it to me. They claimed CDC guidelines say 5 months for a fourth dose, but I'm immunocompromised and CDC guidelines for that say 3 months. My Dr told me to get a fourth dose after 4 months and it's been 4.5. they had my third dose date from the booking, so why even allow me to make an appt and why let me sit there for a half hour if you're not going to administer it? Also, he marked it as complete so now my record online is wrong and I keep getting emails about my completed vaccine, that wasn't completed. Infuriating.

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