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    CVS Reviews

    2 stars based on 124 reviews

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    • J

      Joshua Reynolds


      The staff do the best they can but this place is not staffed correctly at all in the pharmacy. I had moved all of my prescriptions here but moved them back out after the often very long lines with only one cashier and that when calling the pharmacy was often on hold for twenty minutes before they could take my call. Also, the freezer for ice cream etc... has now been broken for over six months. I will say that the staff is unfailingly polite and very good in what is a bad situation for everyone. I suggest going to a different place for your pharmacy needs.

    • L

      Laura Penhallegon


      The first time I came to this pharmacy the technicians had a lot of trouble with getting medications out on time and keeping track of who was waiting/picking up, etc. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and just figured it was a busy day and maybe they had some new hires. No big deal. A few other times I’ve come I overheard people claiming they got a text that their Rx is ready and the CVS doesn’t have any record of it. So not the best. The last few times my doctor refilled my Rx it took the CVS days if not weeks to have it ready. Today my doctor filled my Rx 14 days ago and I still haven’t gotten a notice that it’s ready. I get withdrawal if I don’t get it so it’s not good. I recently switched pharmacies because this is super close to my home but I’m thinking of changing again.

    • J

      John Makowski


      After years of progressive decline, I feel it can only help their situation to provide an honest review. This is hands down the worst pharmacy. And this has only been exacerbated by COVID. It is not the result of it as the repeatedly claim to the frustrated patrons around me also stuck waiting. This CVS has truly been bad forever. Most recently, my experience after TWO days: I still don’t have an in-stock prescription they said would be “ready shortly”. This is the norm here, and the other 6 people in line with me are all in the exact same boat. It would be one thing if filling this required more than just grabbing a box off the shelf and handing it to me. Witnessed another customer who was told his supposedly ready prescription would require another 15mins. He waited 30 and approached the desk. They then just told him it would actually be another hour. After he waited here 30mins for a prescription that was supposedly ready. 6 of us here on the same boat for different prescriptions. It’s always this way. Time to move on.

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