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Coulee Dam Harvest Foods
Mead, Coulee Dam, WA

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  • +1 509-633-2202
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  • 304 Mead Way, Coulee Dam, WA 99116
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  • Saturday7AM–10PM
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    Coulee Dam Harvest Foods Reviews

    4.3 stars based on 184 reviews

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    • C

      Christian R Cage


      Really appreciate them taking COVID seriously, luckily it's on the reservation so they "have to" as well. Safest place to shop in the greater Grand Coulee area during the pandemic, and the staff is really nice, friendly, and helpful.

    • L

      Linda Rhea


      Water was way to much,$6.50 for 24,didn't realize it was so much till I got home.very large variety, way better than Safeway

    • C

      Carol Harmon “MamaBear” Bowling-Young


      It's kind of small but fairly steady, busy. I didn't even know this place existed during all the years I passed through this town until I stumbled on it by accident on one of my commutes during off season (the bathrooms at the dam were closed, so I went to the casino because it was the only place I could think of in a hurry that I knew had a public restroom right then.) Thats when I saw the Harvest Foods next door to them. It's in a building with 2 levels, which makes it kind of inconvenient if I were to be shopping with a cart, but, I'm usually just getting a few things on the way to my family dinner night in Omak on Fridays, so, I'm usually armload shopping instead of cart shopping. I rarely get stuff from both levels (it's not really convenient if it's more than an armload; that would require a cart...) But I do, (99% of the time) get in and out pretty fast when I go in and just get what I need at that time. To me, that's where the convenience comes in. They don't have the selection of any Walmart, but with that, they also don't have the annoying amount of people shopping their either. They do have pleasant employees and fair prices (as fair as the economy allows, that is...) and often, interesting seasonal items that I don't see everywhere else. Once they carried hummingbird feeder rings... hmmmm... This last winter they carried those weird emergency blankets (more like reflective mylar, but I hear good things about how well it can work in an ER) which I got enough for each vehicle (can't be prepared enough when traveling as much as I do during the colder months). For a while, they carried the lowest priced TP, so of course, we stocked up on that after the shortage everyone experienced not long ago... They also have a small deli (sort of) section another level up in the back (I guess that actually makes them a tri-level store, not bi-level. Besides the usual grocery stock, they have a small dairy area and produce section. They also have plenty of tasty bakery type goods, OTC, and a mini alcohol section (behind the 2nd level check out counter) with all the essentials to having a good time.

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