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    C & C Yard Care Inc Reviews

    3.4 stars based on 80 reviews

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      Robin Sandall


      I had three services done by C&C before I canceled everything. Numerous times, during my quote and all phone calls, I asked them about only coming to do services on Monday or Tuesday as I’m home both of those days. Never did they respect my request for either of those days. They never once provided a courtesy call to let me know when they were on their way to provide any service. I did receive a call a day or two prior to them showing up but they did not respect whether I said yes or no. First they came to apply weed killer and fertilizer to the lawn. They left the weed killer particles all over my patio and walkways. I have a dog so I feel like that was super unsafe for them to just leave piles of it everywhere. Then they came to do some stump grinding. They called the day before to say that they would be coming tomorrow… I called and left a message saying that I wouldnt to be home so I don’t want them to come. They came anyway. No courtesy call prior to arriving ever. They had no care about my sprinklers, which were marked, and they covered it with rocks and ruined the pvc safety around the sprinkler. The final thing was pruning and shaping of my trees and shrubs. This was the worst! They butchered one of my privacy trees in my front yard. Cut one side up 4 to 5 feet and left the other side touching the shrubs. The shrubs have no shape and look awful. The hedges in the back are uneven. They barely did any pruning of the trees whatsoever. There are still dead branches everywhere. The trees are also resting on the hedges. I did call and state that I was very unhappy for each service. The third and final call is when I asked for all of my future services to be canceled as I am unhappy with the service they have provided. The manager called back and said that they’ll cancel everything pending due to me being unhappy. No attempt was ever made to correct the issues. Never once did they send someone out to even check my sprinklers that they ruined on the stump grinding. When I called and said I was unhappy about the tree pruning and shrubs not once did they offer to come fix anything.

      Response from the owner

      Hello Robin. I just noticed your review. Sorry that our service fell so short of your expectations. I know it's been several weeks, but if there is anything I can do to help please contact us at your convenience.

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      Robert Norman


      So we just moved into our house less than a year ago, and when we moved in we noticed a huge puddle in the street every time our sprinklers ran, the old owners said it was just a puddle that formed and nothing was wrong. Well, Aleika (I’m sure I absolutely butchered the spelling on his name) and Tim found the issue very fast and were able to fix it no problem. They showed me the damage, told me what the issue was and what it was doing. Then they recommended the fix and made sure everything was working perfectly before they left. All while being very professional and courteous the entire time. Hats off to those two and I’m very pleased with my service!

      Response from the owner

      Thank you for the kinds words.

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      M C


      They mow my neighbor's lawn at 7AM, but usually park their big truck in front of my house and start up all their equipment there, typically making it too loud to continue my early morning zoom meetings until they finally make their way over to my neighbors'. I understand that lawnmowers are easier to push when they're turned on, but someone who pushes them around all day for a living should be able to push them up the block on or off. These guys are just weak or something. Definitely inconsiderate. response to response: yes I am aware and I have also worked in landscaping and greenhouses in much hotter temps than what we've been having this week. My complaint was not about them starting work at 7, it was about them starting up all of their equipment directly outside my window instead of hauling it to the jobsite and starting it up there. I can function just fine with the lawn being mowed next door while I'm in a meeting, but not with lawn mowers and leaf blowers running directly outside my home. Please read more carefully before responding in the future, it doesn't reflect well on the office side of your business.

      Response from the owner

      Hi MC. I apologize that our team has interrupted your zoom meetings. I am not sure if you are aware but the weather outside in Spokane has been unseasonably hot. This makes our crews' demanding work even more difficult. We have been starting our work days a bit earlier in an effort to take advantage of the relatively cooler temperatures in the earlier part of the day. Did you try to contact our friendly office staff about the challenges that you were having with the noise from our crew? If you would like to reach out I'm sure that we can come to a compromise that will work for both of us. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will see what we can do to help. Happy Zooming!

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