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    Brookside Lawn Service Inc. Reviews

    3.7 stars based on 138 reviews

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      Chad Roman-Martinez


      I used this company for the first time last year because all my neighbors were using them. Payed for the season all in full. Had a few hiccup's during the season but the corrected the issues. Perfect, great. Sold the house before the season started this year, got the yearly statement in the mail and I am like well I wont need them for the year so I never paid for the season. Well I guess somewhere hidden in the fine print on the invoices I had gotten last year that I just glanced over and seen I had a zero balance and tossed stated they roll over service. So they treated the yard at a house I no longer live at or own and asked me to pay for it. The gentleman on the phone stated not to be rude but you owe this. Um how about no. I paid for one season and that's all I needed. This should be in large print somewhere on the yearly billing or a phone call asking if services are still needed prior to the start of the season. I only found out because the new owners called Brookside and stated they never asked for the yard to be treated because the bill was left on the door of the residence. Thankfully the new owner did call Brookside because I would have accumulated bills for a house I don't own anymore. Needless to say I will not be using Brookside every again and hopefully the new owners pay for the service because I will not be. When moving, this is NOT the first thing on peoples minds. Brookside should reconsider this policy moving forward if they are wanting paid.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Chad. Thanks for voicing your concerns and we agree! On every piece of our communications it states that our service continues year to year in large print! This includes the pre-season letter that outlines scheduled services that asks for a call to make a change in service. The message that our service continues year to year is also on our newsletters and every invoice in normal sized print. It was even on our estimate before we started service. Most of our clients appreciate that they don't have the hassle of setting up service each year, and appreciate the communications without having an annoying phone call. We want all of our clients to know just for this very reason! Please accept my apologies that there was confusion as to our policy. I looked into your account and see that we credited you for the application in question and your balance is zero. Many thanks for your business!

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      Tyler Hoehn


      My wife and I were performing due diligence in the hopes of hiring a lawn care provider for our new home in Dublin, OH. We spoke with several companies over the phone, and Brookside was one of the vendors we requested an estimate and formal quote for service. After our initial conversation, there was apparently confusion on their end about what we requested (again, an estimate and quote for service ONLY). They had taken my information and created a customer account, and proceeded to perform lawn maintenance on our property the following week. My wife was quick to stop them; informing them their was miscommunication and we were still evaluating options (as per my original conversation with Brookside). Kindly, they stopped service and mentioned someone within their office would reach out. We received a call from their office informing us there was a balance due for services rendered and we needed to pay that balance. We pushed back adamantly stating again, we never agreed to service, signed any agreement, or provided method of payment. Nothing! Our request now was to remove any outstanding balance until we had made an official decision as they mistakenly provided service we never agreed to in the first place. They insisted the miscommunication was on us and demanded payment. First, we asked for a copy of the phone conversation to prove their fault in the matter... They could not provide this and simply stated "I remember our conversation and never make these mistakes". We then asked to speak with the owner/manager of the business, and were told we would receive a call back ASAP. Over the next several months, we never heard from anyone else aside from receiving letters in the mail demanding payment (payment that began to escalate with interest). Concurrently, we would call them almost every week asking to speak with someone in management, accounts, or a leadership role of any capacity. We got nothing and were told "we would hear back soon". The first time we heard anything from a person of power was on December 13th, 2021 (almost 6 months after this dispute began). It was from Shannon McClain in their Credit Dept. She threatened legal action to collect the balance of $89.68. Again, this demand and "threat" came after we had made dozens of attempts to contact their leadership team and contest this charge. Once we finally were able to speak live and express our concern with their customer service and negligence in the matter, they could only offer a partial credit for a future "soil treatment" and apply it to the current outstanding balance. There are more granular details, but you get the gist. Overall, we will never recommend this vendor to anyone in the future. Their customer service is some of the worst I've encountered. The worst part? We even told them that had they dropped the initial charge due to their mistake (you know, the right thing to do), we most likely would have signed a long-term contract with them.

      Response from the owner

      Oh my goodness, this went wrong in many ways. Clearly some errors on our part. Training and the learning curve of a great new team member a factor. We will contact you shortly to make this right. Please accept our apologies.

    • K

      Kristy Holbert


      I cancelled my service on 2/9/2022 after not being happy with their services last year and a significant price increase this year. On 3/1/2022 they came out and treated my lawn anyways. As soon as I saw they did I called them. They told me they came out in error and saw in their system that they should not have. They offered to split the bill. This is ridiculous that they would ask a former customer to split the bill when it was an error on their part. I cancelled my services with them and have another lawn service for this year already. The customer service representative Brian said he did not have the authority to remove all charges. His tone significantly changed once I told him I’m not paying the bill. I asked for the owner’s or a managers name and he said he was not authorized to give that out. I asked for him to have one of them contact me and was also denied. Do yourself a favor & use another company to treat your lawn, because there are cheaper options out there. Their customer service is terrible and they will lie and say customers don’t leave their company which is clearly a lie.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Kristy. After reading through the notes in our system, it appears we really made error and treated your lawn even though you asked us not to! I checked your account and It looks like we credited the entire charge. Please accept my apology for the mistake and your trouble.

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