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  • Parking lot, 1310 34th St, Wahoo, NE 68066
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    Bomgaars Reviews

    4.5 stars based on 131 reviews

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    • B

      Beth Z


      I wish that people could no or negative star ratings. I will NEVER again shop at any of their store locations. I was a paying customer that the employees called the cops on because "I was in their store for an hour and a half". I would have thought it be a good thing to have customers in your store longer, more likely that they are going to find something to purchase which is exactly what I did. But after what the employees did, I really wish I had not purchased anything at all! This was only the second time I had shopped at their store and both times was wrongfully targetted as a thief! As a paying customer, I think the employees are going WAY beyond being on the lookout for shop lifters! I have NEVER stolen anything in my life and am highly offended that I was followed around by multiple employees that were not even interested in helping me locate what I had originally went there for, which they did not have or carry, but for them to call the cops on me when I had purchased the items that I left the store with for "being in the store for an hour and a half" when in fact I was only there for a half hour, was uncalled for to say the least. I may decide to call up a lawyer to see what can be done because I feel strongly that what had occurred today was highly wrong and unjust!

    • J

      Justin Adams


      This bomgaars is excellent. Fishing isle is 5 Stars for what is stocked as far a newer items. Prices are a lil on the high side just for rod and reel combos. If your like me tho and need that Instant gratification then a money difference of about 5to10 $ won't make much of a difference. Also the boots and shoes selection is on the higher side price wise but still is 5 Stars just for the the different sizes and selection is far and wide! Just an excellent five star bomb guards all around for anything that you know it's got to do with camping and fishing boots shoes they're DeWalt section is top notch five stars for that and anything that's got to do with a trailer is excellent I haven't got much more in that store only thing I kind of didn't really like was the stalkers that they have their cuz I'm kind of indecisive so I find it hard to find what I need right away for stuff and it just felt like somebody was stalking me in the aisles when I'm trying to make a decision on what type of lure what not that I wanted you know I mean if they're going to have stalkers they might as well ask me if like I'm going to need help with anything and then stop stalking me but other than that five stars just that kind of little weird thing I want to throw in there.

    • T

      Tammy E


      The staff was friendly and knowledgable. When helping my mom and I find a air compressor part we needed, an employee took us right to it and helped make sure we had the correct part. My mom had a battery return with a receipt which was a very quick transaction. When mom purchased 4 bags of water softener salt, the cashier immediately called someone to go outside to help load them. Like a lot of stores, due to the economy at this time, their prices have went up a bit, but they still seem to be reasonably priced on their items.

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