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Blount's Pest Control
Piper, Flint, MI

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  • +1 810-789-8483
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  • 137 E Piper Ave, Flint, MI 48505
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  • Saturday8AM–12PM
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    Blount's Pest Control Reviews

    3.8 stars based on 13 reviews

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    • K

      Kevin Berry


      Terrible company. Should have seen the writing on the wall much earlier but was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt all year long. Had this company come out to my home to have the exterior of the home sprayed for wasp/bee protection. Service was guaranteed for 6 months from the application of the products and said would not need a monthly follow-up. When the company came on out, they were nice enough but there was issues from the get-go. First, his sprayer was down and needed to be worked on so he couldn't spray the entire exterior of the house. Secondly, he did not have any rags or paper towels in order to clean up excess dust from his duster so I gave him some to use. Third, he could not get to any higher places because he did not have a ladder at all (and we are talking a normal ceiling height here for a covered porch. So besides all of these issues, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt and they said they would be back out to spray the house down once the sprayer was fixed in a few weeks. I again being nice here went ahead and paid for the service (about $100) and said I'd follow up with him later on if I have not heard from him in a few weeks. Well a few weeks go by and sprayer is still not fixed, so we wait longer. Then its excuse after excuse as to why or when they can come out. Then magically when originally planned to come out and spray again, the sprayer goes down again. I eventually just give up tired of having to constantly follow up and consider it money lost. A few months later (still within my original 6 months), I have an infestation of wasps in my porch (and granted this is an area that they had originally sprayed for in that small initial application) and in my frustration with this, I decide to call them since they still never did come out to spray the home as expected. Again with the excuses to make it out but after finally getting a hold of them I got them to come out today to spray the house as originally promised as well as take care of the wasps in the porch. Again, no ladder and asked me to borrow one (nope). Went ahead and sprayed the front of the house and the sides of the house. In addition to this, he completely doused the entire porch area to the point that the entire porch looked like a flood came through, most especially in the area were the wasps were. They end up leaving without any notice at all and then the problems begin. My entire house stunk like heavy chemicals for a good 2-3 hours. I had to open some windows and get fans to get the air out of the house as it was so strong of a smell. And then the fun started to begin around 5pm when I started to notice wasps starting to show up inside of my home. Frustrated and in a panic, I was able to get another company out to help take care of this issue and explained what was done to the house and they were extremely appalled about how poor of a job and improperly it was done and that the course of action taken would most certainly just cause a lock-in of the wasps. This company was able to then see how the force of their sprayer had moved the wasp from the outside to push on through the insulation and into the corner of the ceiling and thus caused the wasps to come out of the ceiling lights. It was quickly taken care of by this company. I would never recommend anyone to use this company and would recommend anyone else to go elsewhere for your pest control needs due to the lack of communication, lack of preparedness to actually do the job, and lack of knowledge enough to do the job correctly in the first place.

    • T

      Trese Morgan


      This man is a miracle worker. I'm going to leave it at that.

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