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Avian Control Inc. Reviews

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    Sam Lota


    Don’t expect a refund if the product you order does not perform as advertised. Despite Avian Enterprises website stating that their product repels woodpeckers, it does not, even after many applications. Expensive product which the company does not back. When I contacted the company numerous times to report the poor performance of their product, I was told I could get a refund if the product had not been used Huh? I do not recommend this product at all. Avian Control Bird Repellent-Updated Review: After initially telling me I could only get a refund if I did not use the product, they finally agreed to a partial refund. I had to send numerous emails and make numerous phone calls to Avian, and after that, I was asked to provide specific details, in writing, on how many times I mixed and applied the product before they would reimburse me. It cost me $43.91 in freight charges when I ordered and then returned the product. Avian did not refund either freight charge, but did agree, after I contacted them again, to reimburse me the $2.16 in sales tax, not included in their initial refund. While I am appreciative of a refund at all, I should not have had to push so hard to get it and I am still out of pocket $43.91 on a product that did not work as claimed per their website to repel woodpeckers. Of note: There is no reference on their website relevant to customer satisfaction, so it is on the buyer to be aware.

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    Rick Blue


    I have been growing sweet corn for our own home market for 15 years. The Blackbirds birds discovered us about 10 years ago. Once those varmints find you, they remember. I have tried shooting them with my shotgun, but what's a few dead birds among 'thousands'? Then I tried at least two generations of bird scaring electronics. They are effective only for a short time, but then the birds return--and I was left with an empty feeling in my bank account. Several years ago I saw an ad for AVIAN CONTROL in one of my trade magazines, so I purchased a gallon to try. Since then I have been pleased with the results. As a grower I need to be diligent in using it, but it does work and it's safe. (That's BIG nowadays.) I no longer feel helpless at the sight of 'black feathers'. I now have a viable weapon. AVION control is the only reason I am still 'in business'.

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    Ron Reister


    We started 5 years ago with AvianControl and had dozens of early adopters that were and still are elated with the results. When the Growers use Avian correctly, it really works. I have never found a Bird-Control ''Bird-Damage-Crop-Loss-Preventative'' product that actually works every time until AvianControl. For every 4,000 acres treated with excellent results, I normally get 1 - 2 acres treated where the Grower wasn't completely sure it helped at all. Ron.....Reisters Grower Services.....Kent City Michigan

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