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Aardvark Pest Control Services
Hancock, Gallatin, TN

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  • 179 Hancock St, Gallatin, TN 37066
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Aardvark Pest Control Services Reviews

3 stars based on 3 reviews

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    Sheila Holt


    Took care of the army of ants that invaded our home. Andy is great. I highly recommend this company.

  • A

    Ashton Juran


    Save Your Money! We rent a home and had a bad roach problem. We tried and failed to get it under control ourselves. I searched in a Gallatin, TN FB group, and (for some unknown reason) Aardvark came highly recommended. When they came, we told them how leery we were hiring a company. We have heard horror stories about other companies coming month after month, with no improvement.. even heard of companies using products that specifically do not clear them up, with the goal of the customer having no choice but to keep paying. But the employees (the owner and son-in-law, I believe) swore up and down they could be trusted. They specifically said they didn't expect it to take more than 4 months. Now I have to interrupt a second to say that red flags should have gone up when they asked where we heard of them and were actually surprised that they had come so highly recommended - haha! We should have had them leave right then! They gave us a big, long description of each product they use... this one they take back to their nest, this one stunts the growth of future babies, this one sterilizes, etc. They said we'd see a temporary influx, but it would improve. We paid the large initial payment, and agreed to pay $40 a month each time they came out. Months and months went by with absolutely NO IMPROVEMENT! The ONLY thing we noticed was that adult bugs would look deformed, with their back shells all "ruffled" - not really sure how else to explain it. But they still were everywhere, and they hadn't slowed down a bit. They said after a little while, we'd see an influx of babies, but then a couple more months we wouldn't see anymore babies.... I'm telling you this house is WORSE than it has EVER been! We complained to them each month they came out and they couldn't care less. Worse, the last time they came, one of them actually said, "Oh, it looks like you have this other kind of roach. I didn't know you had this kind. This kind is really rare and has to be treated a special way." MONTHS AND MONTHS INTO IT! And they did nothing different whatsoever for this "special" kind. Save your money! I went a week ago on Amazon and bought a highly recommended spray, the gel bait syringes, and some boric acid. Every 2 days, I treated this house from one end to the other. I am one week in and can already tell a MAJOR difference. I know this is a long and rambling post, but I can't plead enough to go elsewhere, or better yet, get the stuff and do it yourself. It's a lot of money to throw away!

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